Working from home? Adapt the space to suit your needs!

Let's admit it, our world is nothing like before March 2020. Many of us are now working from home, and for many employees or self-employed working remotely is there to stay for longer. There are many advantages, such as less time spent in traffic, less petrol wasted and commuting costs. The downsides may include a lack of proper office space in your flat or house. Temporary solutions are usually not fit for purpose, and working effectively at your dining table on a hard chair is nearly impossible.

Atlas is here to help! We are not only a kitchen and bathroom studio. Our experienced fitters can easily adapt your bedroom, sitting room, loft, guest bedroom or even garage to suit your needs. Our team of Glasgow's best joiners will gladly build customised desks, shelving units, office-type storage or bespoke units which can neatly fit into your existing home. 

A dedicated work area in your home can greatly contribute to the productivity and quality of your work. It's not always easy to squeeze in a desk or cupboard into your living area without having to do a bit of adjustment, such as moving sockets to plug in your PC, laptop or task lights.  Atlas employs skilled electricians to do it safely and decorators to cover up after any alterations.

A lot of modern jobs are done from home anyway and if you are going to spend most of your life there, it makes sense to make this space perfect for your individual needs. Built-in sliding door wardrobes are a great way to hide away your office stuff and Atlas can design, supply and install them for you.

There are a lot of perks of working from home, such as being able to spend your lunch break in your garden or even baking bread if you follow latest lockdown trends :) If you want to enjoy working from home to the maximum, just email us or book an online appointment through the Contact us page and we can take it from there!